Do you know the treasures of the beehive?

Developed and refined from the treasures of the beehive, with its honey, pollen, royal jelly, wax and propolis, the POLENIA line of organic cosmetics offers you everyday products that are rich in active natural ingredients.

Royal jelly

This precious substance, secreted by bees, regenerates, stimulates, strengthens and balances the cells thanks to the richness of its oligo-elements and high percentage of B complex vitamins.


The sticky substance made by bees from range of resins, gums and balsam, which they gather from plants. They use it for its anti-bacterial, bacteriostatic and anti-inflammatory properties.


Flower nectar browses by the bees, Honey revitalises, nourishes and softens the skin.



Pollen is the flower's fertilizing powder. It is rich in very active vitamins improving the skin and the capillary system. 


Bees secrete wax and it is one of the best natural excipients available for thickening creams and ointments.